Funded Projects for Molecular Materials


Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
5-R21-EB032112-03 A Directed Evolution Approach to Affinity-Based Protein Delivery Marian Hettiaratchi University of Oregon
5-R21-EB031347-03 A muco-penetrating biomaterial-based subunit vaccine for programming protective immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 David Wilson Johns Hopkins University
5-R03-EB033487-02 Cationic Silyl-lipids for Enhanced Delivery of Anti-viral RNA Therapeutics Annaliese Franz University of California at Davis
5-R01-EB031082-03 Localized immunotherapy using alum-binding therapeutics Darrell Irvine Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5-R03-EB033704-02 Supramolecular polymers for targeted protein degradation Tristan Clemons University of Southern Mississippi
1-R21-EB029677-01 Tension-Sensitive Drug Release System to Enhance Targeting Selectivity Yun Chen Johns Hopkins University
5-R21-EB032240-02 Zwitterionic Dendrimer-modified PEG for Protein Conjugation Chong Cheng State University of New York at Buffalo