Public-Private Partnership Opportunities at the NIBIB



The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) supports the development of novel technologies and the translation of those technologies into applications for the benefit of public health. To be relevant and efficient, this effort requires cooperation and collaboration among scientific disciplines and biomedical organizations. The NIBIB considers the biomedical industry to be especially important with regard to identifying specific research needs that will result in significant healthcare improvements, translating technologies and research advances to patient applications, identifying special manpower needs, and developing effective training opportunities.  Development and cultivation of partnerships between public organizations and private industry is explicitly identified in the Institute’s Strategic Plan as an essential activity to accelerate the application of research advances to improve health and quality of life.

In support of this activity, the NIBIB is working with key biomedical industries to explore several options for public-private partnerships that include interactive forums and collaborative research projects. The forums will enable communication and cooperation among government, industry, and research organizations with the objective of accelerating the translation of research advances and novel technologies to patient applications. Collaborative research projects will be aimed at addressing industry-wide issues and challenges that are preventing significant improvements in healthcare. It is anticipated that these projects will provide research and possibly training funding opportunities for the scientific community. When available, details of the Institute’s public-private partnership activities and opportunities will be posted on this section of the NIBIB Web site.