Ultrasound: Diagnostic and Interventional

This program supports the development and improvement of technologies for diagnostic or therapeutic uses of ultrasound.

Emphasis - Diagnostic Ultrasound

The emphasis for diagnostic ultrasound is on:

  • design, development and construction of transducers, transducer arrays, materials and other hardware
  • image acquisition and display methods
  • innovative signal processing methods and devices
  • optoacoustic and thermoacoustic technology
  • image-enhancement devices and methods
  • ultrasound contrast agents
  • image and data presentation and mapping methods
  • functional imaging and image fusion.
  • image guided surgery

Emphasis - Therapeutic Ultrasound

The emphasis for therapeutic ultrasound is on:

  • design, development and construction of transducers, transducer arrays and other hardware
  • interventional technologies
  • adjunct enhancement of non-ultrasound therapy applications
  • high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)
  • hyperthermia applications
  • non-invasive or minimally invasive interventional surgical or therapy tools
  • ultrasound contrast agents for therapy
  • targeted drug delivery
  • neuromodulation
  • biopsy
  • other interventions

Additional areas of support

  • examination of parameter space
  • machine/deep learning for acquisition and interpretation
  • simulation and modelling

Notice of Special Interest in Ultrasound and Optics-based Devices for Trauma Care

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Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
1-R15-EB026197-01 Elastography-based Analytics for Benign and Malignant Breast Disease Jingfeng Jiang Michigan Technological University
5-R03-EB026237-02 Exploration of Atypical Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Findings in Kidney Images of STZ Model of Diabetic Kidney Disease Kennita Johnson Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill
5-R03-EB026826-02 Increasing sensitivity and discrimination of breast cancer diagnosis using molecularly targeted, extravascular ultrasound imaging with ultrasound-activated, phase-change nanodroplet contrast agent James Tsuruta Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill
5-R21-EB024683-03 An integrated electrical impedance/ultrasound tomography system for pulmonary monitoring and diagnosis Jennifer Mueller Colorado State University
5-R21-EB025290-02 The H-scan approach to classifying ultrasound echoes Kevin Parker University of Rochester
5-R00-EB017729-05 Transrectal Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imagining of Prostate and Molecular Imag Sri Kothapalli Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park
5-R01-EB022950-04 In utero mouse embryo phenotyping with high-frequency ultrasound Jeffrey Ketterling Riverside Research Institute
5-R21-EB024133-02 Development of super resolution ultrasound for detecting microcalcifications Michael Oelze University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
5-R21-EB026324-02 Improving Efficacy of Local Drug Delivery Using Ultrasound Agata Exner Case Western Reserve University
5-R21-EB025921-02 Demonstrate Efficacy of Low-Intensity-Ultrasound in Improving Microfracture Outcomes. Anu Subramanian University of Alabama In Huntsville