NIH Pathway to Independence Award (Parent K99/R00)

The Pathway to Independence (PI) program, targeted to applicants with no more than 4 years of postdoctoral research experience who have made a commitment to an academic career but who do not currently have an independent faculty position, provides two phases of support. The first phase provides 1 to 2 years of mentored support for highly promising, postdoctoral researchers in biomedical imaging and bioengineering. The second phase, contingent upon procurement of an independent research position and internal administrative review, will provide up to 3 years of independent research support.

To determine an applicant's status regarding the 4-year eligibility window, NIBIB will calculate the time from the start date of the applicant's first postdoc to the receipt date of the cycle for which the application is submitted. For resubmissions, this will be the resubmission receipt date (i.e.. March 12, not February 12 for cycle I, see Submission Schedule). Extensions to the eligibility window will typically be allowed only for official leave-of-absences due to medical or family reasons, and not for changes in the area of study/research or other employment.

Applicants from medical schools should be aware that the instructor position is not considered equivalent to the assistant professor position required to transition to the independent phase of this award.

All applicants are encouraged to fill out the NIBIB K99 Eligibility Form and forward it along with the requested attachments to to verify eligibility before preparing applications. Please include "K99 Eligibility Inquiry [Your First and Last Name]" in the subject line of your email.

NOTE - there are two FOAs for this mechanism, one for clinical trial required and another for clinical trial not allowed.  See below.

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