Instant Structured Illumination Microscope (ISIM)/ Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence SIM (TIRF-SIM)



The ISIM is a fluorescence microscope that combines rapid image acquisition (100Hz) with a resolution roughly double that of a confocal microscope in all three dimensions. Unlike other structured illumination microscopes, the resolution is enhanced via hardware in a single frame acquisition rather than computationally processing multiple images, effectively making this an ‘instantaneous’ structured illumination microscope. Recently, the Shroff Lab has extended the capability of this microscope to rapid, super-resolution TIRF.  

Spatial resolution: 140nm lateral, 350nm axial

Temporal resolution: Framerate up to 100Hz

Excitation wavelengths: 488nm, 561nm and 639nm

Image Gallery

Instant TIRF-SIM instrument schematic
Figure 1: Instant TIRF-SIM instrument schematic


ER dynamics at 100 Hz​​
Figure 2: ER dynamics at 100 Hz​​


HRAS dynamics revealed by TIRF-SIM
Figure 3. HRAS dynamics revealed by TIRF-SIM


Video Gallery

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