Nanoinstrumentation and Force Spectroscopy Lab Resources



Biological AFM capabilities

Combining high-resolution AFM under physiological conditions with sensitive force measurements and mathematical modeling to gain greater understanding of complex biological systems.

Imaging and force measurement at atomic resolution

0.1 nm special resolution under physiological conditions, dynamic changes, and temperature studies; 5 pN force and force modulation resolution.

Available equipment

  • Multimode PicoForce AFM
  • TIRF AFM (Bioscope Catalyst)
  • Raman (LabRam) AFM (XE-120)
  • Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy (SMFS) AFM (ForceRobot)
  • Open-source platforms for nanotechnologies (AFM Workshop & developing High-speed AFM)


  • Multi-modality (Raman, TIRF, NSOM, etc.)
  • Environmental Control
  • AFM Tip Functionalization
  • Surface Modifications Staff