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Nanoinstrumentation and Force Spectroscopy

This is an image of a histogram that describes the unraveling of clathrin
Histogram distribution of unfolding/unraveling events in clathrin-AP180 coats from single molecular force spectroscopy (SMFS) with a 3D AFM image insert showing dynamic conformations of three triskelia on a 130 nm grid under fluid .

The LCIMB’s Nanoinstrumentation and Force Spectroscopy (NFS) Section develops specialized instrumentations and their applications at macromolecular, cellular and tissue level in areas of biomedical research and medicine. NFS scientists collaborate closely with other intramural and extramural investigators to provide innovative approaches through biophysical modeling, mathematical analysis, and custom instrumentation primarily for nanoscale characterizations. Our current focus includes the development and applications of high-resolution and high-speed atomic force microscopy (AFM) for force spectroscopy and nanometric bioimaging of biological and soft materials. We also develop related technologies such as laser and optical technologies for spectroscopic analysis of biochemical reaction kinetics, multimodal instrumentations, and broader biomedical characterizations.