Bioanalytical Sensors

Bioanalytical Sensors program supports the development of sensor technologies for the detection and quantitation of clinically relevant analytes in complex matrices for use in biomedical applications.


Emphasis is on engineering the components and functionality of bioanalytical sensors. Detection could be based on optical, chemical, electrochemical, and/or physical (such as mechanical, gravimetric, thermal) perturbation of a sample, for example. Examples of technologies of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • nano-textured substrates for analyte detection
  • DNA sensors for liquid biopsy
  • small molecule detectors for diagnosing infectious diseases.


The development of biomedical devices that use bioanalytical sensors is supported by the NIBIB Point of Care Technologies program. The development of imaging probes is supported by the NIBIB Molecular Probes and Imaging Agents program. 

Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
5-R01-EB021878-04 Emulsion digital PCR for TKI discontinuation studies Daniel Chiu University of Washington
5-P41-EB020594-06 Biotechnology Resource Center of Biomodular Multi scale Systems CBM2 for Precision Molecular Diagnostics Steven Soper University of Kansas Lawrence
1-K99-EB028311-01 Engineering a diagnostic platform for rapid breath-based respiratory pathogen identification and treatment monitoring Leslie Chan Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5-R01-EB022025-04 Sensor arrays based on molecularly imprinted polymers for diagnosis of Sjogren's syndrome Nicholas Peppas University of Texas, Austin
5-R44-EB023750-03 Tools for the site-specific labeling and immobilization of antibodies for immunoassays Feifan Yu Alphathera, Inc.
5-R03-EB027363-02 Label-free in vivo flow cytometry for detecting circulating tumor cell clusters Irene Georgakoudi Tufts University Medford
1-U24-EB021996-01 Pediatric Research using Integrated Sensor Monitoring Systems (PRISMS): Data and Software Coordination and Integration Center (DSCIC) Jose-Luis Ambite University of Southern California
5-U01-EB018818-05 Unobtrusive and Affordable Blood Pressure Monitoring Via Pulse Transit Time Ramakrishna Mukkamala Michigan State University
1-U01-EB021986-01 Ambulatory Sensor Arrays for Real-Life Monitoring of Pediatric Patients with Asthma Zhenyu Li George Washington University
1-U01-EB021983-01 Monitoring Particulate, PAH, Allergen and Microbial Exposures in Asthmatic Kids Steven Chillrud Columbia Univ New York Morningside