Creating Biomedical Technologies to Improve Health


Biosensors and Physiological Detectors

This program supports the development of sensor technologies for the detection and quantitation of clinically relevant analytes in complex matrices for use in a spectrum of diagnostic, therapeutic, imaging, and other biomedical applications. 

Emphasis is on engineering the functionality of biosensors and physiological detectors. Function could be based on optical, chemical, electrochemical, physical (such as mechanical, gravimetric, thermal), and/or biological detection, for example.

Additional emphasis
The biosensors and physiological detectors may be engineered to further enable technologies that are relevant to NIBIB-supported program areas, including but not limited to:

Furthermore, this program supports the development of analytical tools to interrogate biosensors and physiological detectors as related to their design, development, and initial validation.

The development of biomedical devices that use biosensors and physiological detectors is supported by the NIBIB Point of Care Technologies, Therapeutic Devices, and Surgical Tools programs. The development of imaging probes is supported by the NIBIB Molecular Imaging program.

Program webinars