Funded Projects

Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
1-U18-EB029351-01 Development of an MRgFUS system for precision-targeted neuromodulation of pain circuits with simultaneous functional MRI Charles Caskey Vanderbilt University Medical Center
1-U18-EB029354-01 Treating pain in sickle cell disease by means of focused ultrasound neuromodulation Bin He Carnegie-Mellon University
1-R21-EB028414-01A1 Mechanical Augmentation of the Diaphragm for End-Stage Respiratory Failure Ellen Roche Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1-R21-EB029064-01A1 Refreshable Biosensors for Continuous Renal Function Monitoring Limei Tian Texas Engineering Experiment Station
1-U18-EB030607-01 Non-invasive Nonpharmaceutical Treatment for Neck Pain: Development of Cervical Spine-specific MR-guided Focused Ultrasound System. Viola Rieke University of Utah
1-R21-EB030140-01A1 Smart skin grafts for quantitative assessment and treatment of diabetic wounds Huanyu Cheng Pennsylvania State University, The
1-U18-EB030609-01 Novel Implantable Device to Negate Post-Amputation Pain Mohamed Labib Novaflux, Inc.
5-R25-EB025791-05 Clinical Immersion Program to Enhance Interdisciplinary Biomedical Engineering Senior Capstone Design Ellen Brennan-Pierce Colorado State University
5-R01-EB026572-04 Developing a SMART scaffold for bladder augmentation Guillermo Ameer Northwestern University
5-R01-EB025819-04 SCH: INT: Virtual Neuroprosthesis: Restoring Autonomy to People Suffering From Neurotrauma Erik Engeberg Florida atlantic University

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