Division of Discovery Science & Technology (Bioengineering)

This division supports the development and demonstration of modular platform technologies (without preference for any disease or application) that manipulate and interface with biology to enable new paradigms of clinical intervention for human health.

Program Area: Prototype Design Cluster

Program Areas: Prototype Demonstration Cluster

Luisa Russell, Ph.D.

Moria Fisher Bittmann, Ph.D.

David Rampulla, Ph.D.


An important aspect of the Institute’s mission is encouraging collaborations among the institutes and centers at NIH, other federal agencies, and the private sector.

  • Interagency Modeling and Analysis Group (IMAG) – IMAG brings together program officers across multiple federal agencies to communicate, disseminate, and plan collaborative activities and joint initiatives related to computational modeling and analysis of biomedical, biological, and behavioral systems. IMAG coordinates the Multi-scale Modeling (MSM) Consortium, see IMAG wiki.
  • Synthetic Biology Consortium (SBC) - The SBC is a trans-NIH effort to foster collaborations among researchers and share synthetic biology technologies to address unmet needs in biology and medicine.

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