Creating Biomedical Technologies to Improve Health


Therapeutic Medical Devices

This program supports the design and development of non-imaging devices intended for therapeutic interventions. 

Emphasis is on engineering non-imaging devices, components, and control systems for in vivo therapeutic interventions directed toward overcoming a technological challenge that limits biomedical application. Relevant examples include but are not limited to:

  • rehabilitative or curative – wearable, orthotic, or implantable devices to restore health after disease or illness
  • assistive – wearable, orthotic, prosthetic, robotic, or implantable devices to replace or supplement capability lost due to chronic conditions
  • preventative – wearable, orthotic, or implantable devices to avoid the onset of acute or chronic conditions, including secondary complications

The development of detector modules and sensors is supported by the NIBIB Biosensors and Physiological Detectors program, the development of point of care devices is supported by the NIBIB Point of Care Technologies program, and the development of tools for surgical interventions is supported by the NIBIB Surgical Tools program

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