Funded Projects for Bio-Electromagnetic Technologies


Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
5-U01-EB029834-04 4D Transcranial Acoustoelectric Imaging for High Resolution Functional Mapping of Neuronal Currents Russell Witte University of Arizona
5-U01-EB025121-05 A magnetic particle imager (MPI) for functional brain imaging in humans Lawrence Wald Massachusetts General Hospital
5-U01-EB028656-05 A wearable functional-brain-imaging system with full-head coverage and enhanced spatiotemporal-resolution to study complex neural circuits in human subjects Peter Schwindt Sandia Corp-Sandia National Laboratories
1-R01-EB033206-01 An acquisition and reconstruction framework to enable mesoscale human fMRI on clinical 3 Tesla scanners Kawin Setsompop Stanford University
1-R21-EB033629-01A1 Computational Framework to Enhance Antenna-based Electromagnetic Imaging Shwetadwip Chowdhury University of Texas at Austin
1-R01-EB029814-01 Critical Technology Development for 16 Tesla Head-only MRI Superconducting Persistent Magnets: V2 Minfeng Xu General Electric Global Research Ctr
5-R21-EB031547-03 Developing wearable OPM-MEG to assess brain function in mother-infant dyads during social interactions Brittany Howell Virginia Polytechnic Inst And St Univ
5-R01-EB031589-03 Development of Analysis Tools to Enhance Magnetomyographic Assessment of Pelvic Floor Muscles Hari Eswaran Univ of Arkansas For Med Scis
5-R21-EB028064-03 Direct 3D Reconstruction Methods for Electrical Impedance Tomography for Stroke Imaging Sarah Hamilton Marquette University
5-R21-EB030858-02 Electrical spectral imaging using magnetic resonance methods Rosalind Sadleir Arizona State University-Tempe Campus