Bio-Electromagnetic Technologies

Bio-electromagnetic program supports development of technologies using static or dynamic electromagnetic fields for sensing, imaging, or therapeutic effects.


The emphasis is on increasing the sensitivity, spatial/temporala resolution, efficacy, or safety of bioelectromagnetic devices through the development of novel hardware, method of operation, or pre-/post-processing techniques for single modalities or the combination of multiple modalities.


This program may support the development of magnetic particle imaging, electrical impedance tomography, electroencephalography, magnetoencephalography, electromagnetic-field-induced hyperthermia/ablation, and microwave/terahertz imaging, for example.
Related programs are MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy, Ultrasound, and X-ray Electron and Ion Beam.


Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
1-R01-EB029822-01 Magnetic Particle Imaging for High-Resolution Functional Brain Imaging Steven Conolly University of California Berkeley
5-R03-EB030669-02 Development of mmWave technology for safe radiation treatment delivery Tiezhi Zhang Washington University
5-U01-EB025121-05 A magnetic particle imager (MPI) for functional brain imaging in humans Lawrence Wald Massachusetts General Hospital
5-R21-EB029541-02 Nanoparticle-based optical magnetometer for room-temperature magnetoencephalography Shu-Wei Huang University of Colorado
5-R21-EB030858-02 Electrical spectral imaging using magnetic resonance methods Rosalind Sadleir Arizona State University-Tempe Campus
1-R01-EB033170-01 Real-time noninvasive visualization of endotracheal tube placement and 3D lung monitoring in infants with electrical impedance tomography Jennifer Mueller Colorado State University
1-R01-EB033210-01 Ultra-fast cerebral blood flow imaging for quantifying brain dynamics Jia Guo University of California Riverside
1-R01-EB033206-01 An acquisition and reconstruction framework to enable mesoscale human fMRI on clinical 3 Tesla scanners Kawin Setsompop Stanford University
5-R01-EB026710-04 Real-Time Assessment of Lung Structure and Function in CF Patients using Electrical Impedance Tomography Jennifer Mueller Colorado State University
5-R01-EB004866-15 Innovative Instrumentation for High Magnetic Field DNP NMR Richard Temkin Massachusetts Institute of Technology