Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy

This program supports the development and application of optical imaging, microscopy, and spectroscopy techniques for improving disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in the medical office, at the bedside, or in the operating room.


The emphasis is on development of cost effective, portable, safe, and non-invasive or minimally invasive devices, systems, and technologies for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment for a range of diseases and health conditions.

Program priorities and areas of interest

The supported research and development areas include:

  • fluorescence imaging
  • bioluminescence imaging
  • optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • second harmonic generation (SHG)
  • infrared (IR) imaging
  • diffuse optical tomography
  • optical microscopy and spectroscopy
  • confocal microscopy
  • multiphoton microscopy
  • raman imaging

Additional support

This program also supports:

  • early-stage validation of tools and devices
  • development of innovative light sources and fiber optic imaging devices
  • multimodal imaging