Mentor: Kaitlyn Sadtler, Ph.D. |
Lab: Section for Immuno-Engineering

Role of innate immunity in medical device implantation and regenerative therapeutics

The Section on Immuno-Engineering ( is an interdisciplinary lab that focuses on the intersection of medical device implantation and regenerative therapeutics through the lens of the immune system. Our goal is to understand how our body detects and interacts with biomaterials used in medical devices and scaffolds for tissue regeneration and how we can modulate these responses to promote tissue regeneration and inhibit fibrotic scarring. A prospective summer intern would work with our team on:

  • Multi-color spectral flow cytometry (30+ colors)
  • Next-generation imaging techniques
  • Electrospinning, microencapsulation, hydrogel formulation
  • Surgical models of medical device implantation and tissue injury

We do not require undergraduate interns to have prior experience in immunology research. More information can be found on our website or by contacting Dr. Kaitlyn Sadtler with “BESIP Inquiry” in the title of your email.


Intern Name: Paige Rudy
Institution: University of Arizona
Project Title: Antigen Presentation and Adaptive Immune Response to Muscle Injury and Biomaterial Implantation