Mentor: Ronald M. Summers, M.D., Ph.D. |
Mentor: Jianfei Liu, Ph.D. |
Lab: Imaging Biomarkers and Computer-Aided Diagnosis Laboratory

Deep learning to analyze anasarca in patients with major organ failure or cancer

Anasarca is a medical condition that leads to edema (swelling) throughout the body. It is a common complication of heart, kidney, and liver failure and cancer. The quantification of edema may play an important role in patient care. The focus of this project is to explore deep learning methods to detect and quantify edema on CT scans. The CT analyses will be correlated with lab results and other data from the patients’ medical records.  

The summer intern will:

  • Learn CT anatomy. 
  • Process CT scans using Python code. 
  • Learn artificial intelligence techniques for image analysis from internationally-recognized researchers. 
  • Learn how to combine imaging analytics with other clinical data to address a clinically important problem.