Mentor: Allison Nugent, Ph.D. |
Lab: MEG Core Facility

Programming and advanced data analytic techniques in magnetoencephalography imaging

The function of the NIMH Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Core is to maintain a state of the art facility for MEG imaging for use by the entire NIH intramural research community and collaborators. The staff is involved in multiple projects designed to improve and extend current methodology for MEG imaging, and to foster reproducible research in the era of big data. Several projects are available for the summer, all involve the use of programming and advanced data analytic techniques.

  • Design and implement a quality control process, from data acquisition to automated data processing and a web-based interface for data display. This will allow users real-time access to quality data and enhance the ability of staff to detect problems before they degrade data quality
  • Optimize existing algorithms or develop new approaches to removing artifacts from MEG data, such as those seen in recordings from patients with epilepsy who have implanted VNS stimulators
  • Determine the impact of changes in preprocessing parameters on final results in imaging studies
  • Compare and contrast connectivity findings between MEG and fMRI images