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Technologies for Tissue Chips

This program supports the development of technologies to enable the engineering of tissue chips/microphysiological systems for biomedical applications.


Emphasis is on the design and construction of in vitro tools for analyzing and controlling the function of engineered human tissues. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • microfluidics to control spatiotemporal tissue growth
  • 3D bioprinting systems for tissue assembly
  • high-throughput assays and instruments to reduce the cost, time, and complexity of tissue engineering
  • bioreactors to produce tissues at scale

Further emphasis is on the development of tissue chips through the incorporation of technologies that are related to NIBIB-supported program areas, such as Biosensors and Physiological Detectors and Biomaterials and Biomolecular Constructs.


The development of engineered tissue for regenerative medicine applications is supported by the NIBIB Engineered Tissues program.

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